Jeremiah 16:19 O LORD, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have INHERITED LIES, vanity, and things wherein there IS NO profit.

Deuteronomy 33:29 Happy art thou, O Israel: who is like unto thee, O people saved by the LORD, the shield of thy help, and who is the sword of thy excellency! and thine enemies SHALL BE FOUND LIARS unto thee; and thou shalt tread upon their high places.

Romans 3:3-4, Hebrews 6:18, Malachi 3:6;  God does not lie, nor are any of His words lies, people lie:

Proverbs 30:5 Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.

:6 Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.


Deuteronomy 28:45 Moreover all these curses shall come upon thee, and shall pursue thee, and overtake thee, till thou be destroyed; because thou hearkenedst not unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which he commanded thee:

:46 And they shall be upon thee for a sign and for a wonder, and upon thy seed for ever. 

(The curses were and are upon the real Israelites, of going into slavery by ships, of being the poorest, not governing ourselves, being despised by all other nations, being outcasts, being beneath nations having the power and authority to demonstrate their disdain toward us.  So-called Jews cannot simultaneously CONTROL THE WORLD and ALSO be the poorest people.  Rich and poor are mutually exclusive when it comes to being true Israelites:

(Jeremiah 5:1-4, Proverbs 18:23, Deuteronomy 28:43-44, Ecclesiasticus 13:18-20, Leviticus 26:17, IIEsdras 6:54-59,Matthew 11:12, etc.):


Jeremiah 5:1 Run ye to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem, and see now, and know, and seek in the broad places thereof, if ye can find a man, if there be any that executeth judgment, that seeketh the truth; and I will pardon it.

:2 And though they say, The LORD liveth; surely they swear falsely.

:3 O LORD, are not thine eyes upon the truth? thou hast stricken them, but they have not grieved; thou hast consumed them, but they have refused to receive correction: they have made their faces harder than a rock; they have refused to return.

:4 Therefore I said, Surely THESE ARE POOR; they are foolish: for they know not the way of the LORD, nor the judgment of their God. 

(Many Israelites have yet to truly repent, therefore these curses continue to plague the children of Israel, and as a nation we continue to be poor, "SURELY THESE ARE POOR," disadvantaged and afflicted.)

So-called Jews may be despised for their bullying and evil, but no one can oppose them directly, BECAUSE they control and RULE the earth.  They are still hunting Germans down and bringing them to courts and charging them with "war-crimes" committed between 70-76 years ago during World War II. When a nation rules the earth as do so-called Jews in this case, they do not have to let by-gones be by-gones.

1611 king james version bible